Creative Writing - Poem

WALHT  add a twist to our writing.
Here is my poem.

I didn't get to see animals at the Zoo because I'm  scared of all nice animals.
I didn't  see animals at the Zoo because they were all stuck in the swimming pool.
I didn't see Santa because he was not Santa he was Santa's helper.
but I did see my friends.

I didn't go to Malaysia because I didn't have summer clothes.
I didn't get to ride a saber tooth tiger because they're extinct.
I didn't know it was Christmas because I over slept.
but I did go to Hanmer Springs.

I didn't eat a submarine because I can't eat metal.
I didn't eat sushi because I don't like sushi.
I didn't eat lolly's because my mum said no.
but I did eat McDonalds.

Next time I would like to add more humour to my poem.

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